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I was 19 years old when my son was born...

I was 19 years old when my son was born and two years later I gave birth to my first daughter.  Both of these chlidren were vaccinated like clockwork.  Both of my older children developed all the "normal" childhood illnesses and some not so normal childhood illnesses.  My son got the usual suspects:  lots of ear infections, sick all the time, fevers.  The doctor was constantly putting him on antibiotics and we almost got tubes put into his ears.  He was later diagnosed with dyslexia.

My daughter was frequently sick also.  At one point, my daughter was so sick, the doctor did not know what was wrong with her and we ended up in the hospital for a spinal tap.  I think she was about 4 or 5 months old, and no she did not have spinal meningitis.

Never did any doctor inform me there might be side effects to vaccinations.

Along came child number 3 which was about the time that I stopped vaccinating my children in 1983, so my son was 4, one daughter was 2 and my youngest was just newborn.  The newborn got one  or two vaccinations and then that was it.  No more vaccinations.

In 1988, I had my fourth child and she born at home and never vaccinated.  My two youngest daughters never got the "normal" childhood illnesses.  My third child just never got sick; the youngest had a stomach ailment once where she threw up everything and anything except breast milk.  At the time she was about 2 years old.  I nursed her regularly and would attempt to feed her one food at a time (without success).  She was sick like this for about 3 weeks and then it went away and everything was fine.  The baby also got a case of empetigo, which did call for the use of antibiotics.

The differences between the two older children and the two youngest children were remarkable in that the older kids were always sick and the two younger children were so rarely sick.

I have also seen the same results with my grandchildren.  My son's first two children were fully vaccinated for the first 4 or 5 years and they were always sick withe oldest child having learning disabilities.  The third child was not vaccinated, and she was sick a lot less than her brothers.  Once my daughter in law took the kids off dairy and wheat, we saw a huge difference in their behavior and in their health!

My daughters did not vaccinate their children and guess what?  No chronic ear infections, no chronic upper respiratory illnesses, no learning disabilities - so far!

My fiance's daughter recently vaccinated her son and guess what?  The child had a seizure two weeks later and the doctor told her that was "normal."

Yes, I suppose chronically sick kids having seizures and learning disabilities is the new "normal."  What a pity  MD's don't really know what a healthy child looks like anymore!

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