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I have three children, two of whom are not vaccinated

"I have three children, two of whom are not vaccinated. My daughter, Wynter, is three and she has a power house immune system. She has picked up a couple illnesses but nothing has ever lasted more than 12 hours and has never had to be seen for it. She has fabulous focus and even learned to read many words before she was 2. My youngest son, Sterling, is 2 and has never been sick with anything. He is also focused and very strong, our gymnastics instructor said she has never witnessed a 2 yr old do a pull up before Sterling. Our doctor says these two have the thinnest files in the office! My first born, Austin now 17, was fully vaccinated. From 1995-2007 he had 24 vaccinations. He had severe chronic bronchitis as a baby, he still suffers from croup, he gets sick every season, he has limited focus and little energy. I definitely can tell the differences in my children and wish I could go back in time and choose to say no with my first born as well."

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