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I have two girls ages 14 and 11 who have never had a vaccination...

"I have two girls ages 14 and 11 who have never had a vaccination. This includes the hepatitis B they like to give newborns. We made the decision not to vaccinate after much research. We believe in the body's ability to self-heal when given the proper nutrients and in the body's immune system
when allowed to grow naturally. We fed them differently than most and exclusively breastfed until they were 6 months adding in carrot juice. When they had teeth, 9 months for the first and 8 months for the second, we began feeding them apples. We added in other fruits slowly. Then we added sweet potatoes and avacados and finally other vegetables. They got starches once they had molars and they didn't taste sugar until they were 2. They did not eat jarred food, drink formula, milk or bottled juices. I say this because I feel that this diet along with no vaccines have given us amazingly healthy children.
Neither have had anything more serious than a cold and most of the time they are up and playing within 24 hours. We also do not treat fevers but let them run their course and do their job of killing germs. Neither girls have any cavities either and do not use flouride toothpaste or drink milk.

We do not use western medicine and are naturopathic when treating illness. My husband and I were both vaccinated and taken to doctors regularly. We have watched what happens when you step outside the tradtional ways and look to nature and common sense for healing."

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