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Im not 100% sure why my mom isn't vaccinated...

Im not 100% sure why my mom isn't vaccinated but I think it has to do with my uncle, her older brother, falling out of a moving car. He had a head injury and couldn't function like he has previously. My grandparents went to every medical specialist to figure out how to make him better. Someone told them about a chiropractor and as a last resort they carried my uncle into her office and he was able to walk out! After that my grandpa went to Palmer chiropractic school. I think he figured if a chiropractor could fix his son when no medical doctor could then chiropractic care could fix anything.

My mom's reasoning is a little different and has to do with her younger brother's, she's number 5 of 7 kids, delivery. She's still chiropractic, we all are, but when my grandma went into labor they gave her twilight sleep, or something, it supposed to help with the pain and it stopped her labor putting the baby into distress but they didn't know that till after he was born. He almost died and had cerebral palsey as a result. We have babies without pain meds now. My mom's fear of that situation repeating is pretty ingrained in all of us. So my mom talks about that being a reason but also because we're a chiroprayic family. My kids have been healthier then a lot of kids we know and the people who know we don't vaccinate call me every time there is a whisper of an outbreak, so we just assure them we're fine and go to the chiropractor more then usual. My reasons are my mom and my grandma. My siblings and I have never had and major illnesses, no surgeries, no tubes in our ears and

that is testimony enough for me to keep my kids safe from all the junk they want to inject into my few hour old innocent babies.

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