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I have a four year old daughter that is not vaccinated...

"I have a four year old daughter that is not vaccinated...only had a the vitamin K shot, which they did without asking.

She was raised on formula and her diet is not the best. (My wife and I do not see eye to eye on this issue, among being another big one ( too much sugar and not enough raw food. It's a compromise. If that 's what it takes to stave off the shots then so be it.) She has agreed to not getting her vaccinated ONLY because she has a relative that had a child that died after an MMR shot. Anyway....My daughter has had many visits to the doctor for ear infections and strep.  anti-biotics were administered. The first three years were the worst but the trips to the doc are getting fewer and further between. The last trip, the doc said she may have asthma. I don't buy it. She was givin a prescription and took it a few times but we have pretty much weaned her off of it. We have a cat that she may be allergic to so it has been banished to the outdoors. Daughter seems fine now. Mentally she is a wonderful child, very smart and talkative, loving and learns fast. She seems more  developed than alot of children her age.

I believe she would have never had gotten sick if she had been breast fed,ate right ect.

I am 40. I had some shots but not many. I haven't had a shot in 30 years and I very seldom get sick. I got sick some when I was younger but nothing out of the ordinary. I was also bottle fed. Eventually your immune system will catch up if you were bottle fed, it just takes longer.

Nowdays, the combination of shots, bad diet, and formula fed is a recipe for disaster."

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