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I am not sure what caused my son’s autism...

I am not sure what caused my son’s autism, but autistic he IS! It’s a heart wrenching disease.  He is completely unvaxxed as we stopped vaxxing 10 years ago. However, I did receive the rhogam shot while pregnant and that has thimerasol in it. Also, he got antibiotics through breastmilk at 2 months then he received ABX at 13 months for a fever which caused a febrile seizure.

He started regressing after that and at age 2 was diagnosed with autism. He is now 6. He does not speak really. He can say Mama but does not always discriminate when and he says some sounds. He sometimes follows directions, like “sit”.. he pretty much is a 6 year old body and a 1 year old communication ability.

When he was diagnosed, we replaced all chemical cleaners with natural cleaners like shaklee’s basic H, orange peel citrus cleaners. We got rid of our aluminum anodized pans and replaced them with stainless steel, we stopped warming up foods in plastics.

We do still do microwave popcorn and I have not been able to do a GF diet yet but that is the next step. I don’t believe he’ll ever live an independent life. He is not potty trained though it is coming along slowly at preschool.

Asperger’s runs in our family and I believe the RX products aided in triggering his autism.

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