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We stopped vaccinating our kids after our second daughter...

We stopped vaccinating our kids after our second daughter started having central sleep apneas which increased after each of the first three vaccinations.

Our 3rd daughter, Renata, was the one who at nine was diagnosed with a combination of Aspergers (mild), ODD, ADD, anxiety, and Dyspraxia. Once she was finally diagnosed (I knew something was different when she was a toddler, but it took years for us to get a diagnosis), and I started reading up on it, I finally, for the first time in my life understood my father. He is very much classic Aspergers. Way more than my daughter is. Over the years I have noticed the traits in many members of my family, and am pretty sure that a few have undiagnosed Aspergers.

My nephew also has strong autistic tendencies, the most obvious in the extended family (6 children and 15 grandchildren), and he had a severe reaction with his first vaccinations, and was hospitalized with "A-Typical Measles' a few days after his 4th vaccination.

My personal belief is that my nephew is more severely affected due to his vaccinations. He has not been diagnosed, as my sister does not want to label him. He is homeschooled after some fairly big problems in school. Sadly, my sister has continued with vaccinating her younger child.

Obviously, there is a family history of autistic tendencies. My concern is that it can be made worse with vaccination. Obviously not all vaccinated kids end up on the autistic spectrum. But those with a pre-determined make-up. Just like not all children have apnoeas after vaccinations. There is some sort of family problem there too, with my 6th daughter having them too - but never as many or for as long as my vaccinated daughter had them.

Sadly, with the help of the propaganda spread in university, my now 20 year old, has decided we should not have stopped giving her the shots and has started getting them. But that is her choice.

I certainly hope my now 18 year old with Aspergers doesn't go down that route.

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