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My son was a result of a normal healthy pregnancy...

"My son was a result of a normal healthy pregnancy. He was born at home a few days after his expected due date. He did not receive any injections of any kind at birth or later. I practiced babywearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding on demand, delayed solids and intuitive parenting. When he started eating solid foods, I gave him freshly juiced mixes of vegetables and smoothies and organic vegetarian foods.  He did develop a cold that turned into a deep chest cough and ear infection around 10 months and was treated with aroma therapy diffusers and some antibiotic ear drops. His behavior as a baby is consistent with his current personality. He is 11 years old now.  He is engaging, intelligent, literal-minded, loves computers, enjoys helping people who need help and is extra vigilant and involved with babies and toddlers.  He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum when he was just about 8 years old. This was no surprise to me. There was nothing new about my boy at age

8 than there was when he was a baby. This is who he is. He has always been like this. He has never received vaccinations.I also have two daughters I have raised in the same way who are not on the Autism Spectrum."

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