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Our second son, Jordan, was born on July 2, 1995...

Our second son, Jordan, was born on July 2, 1995.  Another joyous day for my wife and myself.  We had even more reason to celebrate because unlike our first son born 18 months earlier, Jordan was born without incident and was perfect in every way.  In an extreme contrast to this, our first born had severe meconium aspiration after 33 hours of labor and was whisked away by a crash team as soon as he was delivered.  Thankfully, after 3 intense weeks in the nicu, he survived and as I write this, we are preparing for his high school graduation.

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and among other things, I am opposed to the assault on the immune system known as vaccination.  My wife and I had a birth plan as well as a life plan for our children to keep them healthy with a robust immune and nervous system.  Then, the unthinkable happened.

At around 15 months of age, we were at a family reunion and my aunt, a teacher, mentioned that Jordan did not seem quite right.  He had no language at all.  Of course, I took offense and brushed it off as a meddling, know-it-all relative.  However, at 17 months of age, we knew there was reason for concern.  So began our journey of hop scotching the US and Canada to find a cure or at least help.  When Autism was suggested, I angrily denied it because my son was not vaccinated.  That sort of thing only happens to those that give in to the medical system and allow all of that poison to be injected into their children's body.  It must be something more.  After seeing some of the foremost authorities on childhood development, including Stanley Greenspan, and a host of experts in the medical, chiropractic and alternative fields, we accepted Jordan's faith.

Unlike other Autistic children, Jordan never had language nor developed with the milestones you hear of and then suddenly lost everything.  His issues were more than the simple turning of a switch.  Some things matched the true Autistic spectrum and others did not.  Major bowel issues (constant diarrhea like applesauce), stimming, lack of eye contact, food aversions, social disconnect, repetitive behavior, fascination with videos, poor response to pain and other common findings were there.  But why him?, why us?  We did everything right and our baby is locked in his own world.  I began to make calls and inquire.  During my search, I found other chiropractors that also had unvaccinated, Autistic children.  Wow - it is not just me.

We arranged to have a MRI performed of his brain which answered part of our questions.  The results demonstrated a partially unmyelinated brain.  What could have caused this?  As I read and researched, I found out that this is what happens to the nervous system with, among other things, mercury poisoning.

On reflection, I recalled that during the crisis of our first born, my wife (who was exhausted and overwhelmed), was literally separated from me and taken into a separate room.  Here, she was coerced against our birth plan to receive a Rhogam shot due to the Rh factor incompatibility between her and my son (O- vs. B+).  She recalls having no fight left in her and at that point, did not care about anything but our son struggling for his life. At that time, in the mid-1990s, this vaccine was loaded with mercury.  It has always been my suspicion that high mercury levels in her body caused Jordan's brain and nervous system to under develop especially since we conceived only 9 months after our first was born.

Perhaps there is a genetic factor making one more susceptible to mercury poisoning.  Perhaps there is a link to maternal toxicity and neonatal development.  I know everything has a cause, and at this point in time with no other answers and a soon to be 17 year old son that can not talk, communicate and needs 24/7 care, my beliefs can only lead me to believe that the Rhogam shot my wife received caused Jordan's Autism.  So while he himself never received any drugs or shots throughout his life, he remains a mystery with, in my opinion, only one logical explanation.

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