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More transparency on vaccines, vaccinations and vaccine injuries


A critical overview of vaccine side effects

unvaccinated babyEver since vaccinations were introduced 200 years ago there has been a lot of controversy surrounding them. Some people think of illnesses as being primarily dangerous or at least inconvenient. They see vaccinations as an effective means to avoid diseases and possibly even eradicate them while others see the benefits of certain diseases and the potential dangers of vaccinations.The key of a vaccination is to trade off the hazardous nature of the disease against the potential adverse effects of the vaccination and alternative treatment methods. This website provides you with a critical discussion of the subject of vaccinations (also from the perspective of naturopathy and homeopathy) and its objective is to assist you in making your own personal decision.


As this topic remains alive by means of readily exchanging information, I am thankful for your suggestions and feedback.


Reporting of side effects of a vaccination and possible vaccine damages

Reactions to vaccination and possible vaccine damage, you can publish on Please fill out the form. The reported adverse reaction can be found in the vaccine damage database.


Survey on the state of health of unvaccinated and vaccinated children

 survey unvaccinatedIf you have unvaccinated children, please take part in our survey State of health of unvaccinated children



survey state of health of vaccinated childrenDue to many requests we are doing a direct comparison with vaccinated children now. If you have vaccinated children please go to the questionnaire for the state of health of vaccinated children.




survey results unvaccinated children Results of the survey on the state of health of 17627 unvaccinated children and persons


survey results unvaccinated children Results of the survey on the state of health of 4119 vaccinated children and persons


Reported cases:
vaccindamage database

New Children Book!

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